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Aerocool BX-500 Evil Black Edition | NEW ARRIVAL!!! | MID TOWER CASING

Superb Airflow - install up to 10 fans !!!
1. Front - 1 x 12cm Orange LED fan(included)
2. Back - 1 x 12cm Orange LED fan(included)
3. Side (left panel) – 4 x 12cm or 14cm fans (optional)
4. Bottom – 1 x 12cm or 14cm fan (optional)
5. Top – 2 x 14cm fan Orange LED fans (optional)
6. Side (right panel) – 1 x 8cm fan to help cool your CPU (optional)

Cooling System
Front (with quad Orange LEDs)
Rear (with quad Orange LEDs)
Fan120 x 120 x 25mm red-12fan.jpg120 x 120 x 25mm red-12fan.jpg
Rated voltage12V12V
Voltage rangeDC 6V ~ 13.8VDC 6V ~ 13.8V
Starting voltage< = 9V(Power ON/OFF)< = 9V(Power ON/OFF)
Power consumption2.76W2.76W
Rated current0.23A0.23A
Speed1500 RPM ± 10%1500 RPM ± 10%
Air Flow (CFM)58.35 CFM (Max)58.35 CFM (Max)
Air pressure2.1mm H2O2.1mm H2O
Noise (dBA)26.67 dB-A26.67 dB-A

Chassis Dimensions480(H) x 215(W) x 568(D)
MaterialSECC 0.8mm
MotherboardsUP TO EEB
5.25" bay (External)5
3.25" bay (External)1(convert from 5.25" bay)
Expansion Slots7 Slots
Max length space available for PCI slots380 mm
I/O Ports4 x USB2.0 / 1394 / e-SATA / Mic & headphone (AC97 & HD audio) / Reset button

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

MSI AMD HD5450 1GB DDR3 64bit PCI-E Graphic Card

Introduction / Features



650/400MHz Core
1024MB DDR3 1066/1334MHz Memory

Video Output Function
Dual-link DVI x 1
D-Sub x 1
HDMI x 1


Key Messages

  • Military Class Concept Components
    - SSC (Solid State Chock) has No Buzz noise and higher current for better overclocking ability.
    - All Solid CAP for longer lifespan.
  • MSI Afterburner Overclocking Utility
    - Support 2D/3D customized profile.
    - Support SLI & CrossFireX mode.
  • Native HDMI Output
    - Supports both 1080P HD movie playback and 7.1 Channel audio transmissions.
  • Low Profile Design
    - Extra Large heatsink for the best heat dissipation and zero db noise.
    - Work perfect with slim or smaller system.

Video Output Function

  • Dual-link DVI x 1
  • HDMI x 1
  • D-Sub x 1

Bundle MSI developed driver and utilities

  • MSI Live Update Series(Live Graphics Card BIOS & Live Graphics Card Driver)
    Automatically online download & update Graphics Card BIOS & Drivers, reduce the risk of getting the wrong files, and never have the trouble on web site searching.
  • MSI Graphics Card Driver
  • MSI StarOSD
    StarOSD can monitor system information, adjust monitor figuration, and overclock system.
  • MSI Dual Core Center
  • MSI Live
    MSI Live including all real time life information you need, such as Live MSI Product News, Live Daily Information, Live Personal Schedule Manager, Live Search and more.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft® DirectX
  • Norton Internet Security™ 2008 60 days Trial
    -Blocks online identity theft by phishing Web sites
    -Detects and eliminates spyware
    -Removes viruses and Internet worms automatically
    -Protects against hackers

HDMI Support

MSI graphics cards offer the HDMI functionality to provide access to premium digital content. HDMI enables gaming enthusiasts to seamlessly connect to their LCD monitor to bring the ultimate multimedia experience. (Only 1 single HDMI cable is required while streaming audio/video data to flat-panel display devices, such as Plasma/LCD TVs, or projector.)


Afterburner co-development by MSI and Rivatuner, MSI releases the ultimate graphics card utility “Afterburner”. This utility enables all MSI graphics cards users to boost performance and to monitor all kinds of critical information in real-time. Afterburner is a completely free utility which is compatible with almost all MSI graphics cards.

MSI Solid Capacitor Graphic Cards

MSI Solid Capacitor Graphic Card MSI Graphics Card products utilities high quality solid capacitor. For the gamers and high-end users, this feature not only means that product has better quality components within, but also provide much stronger support while users want to engage in hard-core tuning.

Blu-ray and HD DVD Support

Both support the latest specifications of Blu-ray and HD DVD(High Definition DVD). It comes with the latest GPU and DDRIII superior processing performance in which users can easily enjoy the high-definition video of 1920x1080(1080p/i).

DirectX 11

The first fully Microsoft DirectX® 11-compatible GPUs in their class, the AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 Series are designed to deliver unbelievable HD gaming performance for the latest games and DirectX® 11 applications so you can dominate the competition.

Meet RoHS regulations

MSI products are the first to be in conformity of the EU’s RoHS(Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations, reducing heavy metals and toxic materials in the products. This is an effort made for the Earth, and essentially for a clean future.

HDCP Support

The HDCP provides a robust, cost-effective and transparent method for transmitting and receiving digital entertainment similar to DVI/HDMI-compliant digital displays. HDCP encrypts the date transmitted between the DVI/HDMI connector on the graphics adapter and the display.

Live Update 5

MSI Live Update 5 is a single utility software that automatically checks BIOS, driver and utility updates and installs for you , which can save your time for searching and lower the risk while updating.

AMD Stream

Perform tasks on a PC faster with AMD Stream technology, speed up demanding everyday applications and get more done in less time.

HDMI convertible output

Dual-link DVI convertible output supports Video signal through DVI to HDMI interface, which drivers resolution of a digital display up to 1920x1200 or higher.

HDMI convertible output

Dual-link DVI convertible output supports Video/Audio signal integration through DVI to HDMI interface, which drivers resolution of a digital display up to 1920x1200 or higher.
Specifications may change without notice due to availability of materials.

Specifications / Warranty

3-Year Warranty by MSI

Graphics EngineATI Radeon HD 5450
InterfacePCI Express x16 2.1
Memory TypeDDR3
Memory Size(MB)1024
Memory Interface64 bits
Core Clock Speed(MHz)650/400
Memory Clock Speed(MHz)1066/1334
Memory Bandwidth(GB/sec)N/A
Texture Fill Rate(billion/sec)N/A
DVI Output1
D-SUB Output1
Mini HDMI-OutputN/A
Mini DisplayPortN/A
HDTV SupportN/A
HDCP SupportY
HDMI SupportY
Dual-link DVIY
Display Output (Max Resolution)2560x1600
DirectX Version Support11
OpenGL Version Support3.2
CrossFire SupportY (SW)
SLI SupportN/A
3-way SLIN/A
HyperMemory Tech.N/A
TurboCache tech.N/A
Card Dimension(mm)167.5 x 69 x 32mm
Specifications may change without notice due to availability of materials.

Package Contents

  • 4)OTHERS
Specifications may change without notice due to availability of materials.


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